Protecting Wyoming Public Wildlands


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Our mission is to protect Wyoming's public wildlands.

WWA is a non-profit conservation group that began in 1979 as a group of local wilderness advocates who envisioned the passage of the Wyoming Wilderness Act.  This small volunteer, grassroots group began educating, training, and organizing Wyoming citizens to secure the passage of the 1984 Wyoming Wilderness Act. The Act permanently protected 1.1 million acres of ecologically diverse, wild landscapes. WWA was re-started and incorporated with the State of Wyoming in 1994 to serve as a local voice for the protection of Wilderness and roadless areas.  As of 2020, WWA has 4,500 members and supporters. Their voice gives us the inspiration to continue to strive for a wild Wyoming!

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red desert wild

Wyoming’s Northern Red Desert is a vast expanse of public lands composed of sand dunes, badlands, canyons, and immense open spaces all scattered beneath a shattering blue sky. Bisected by the Oregon Trail and the longest mule deer migration corridor on Earth, this landscape contains cultural and historical sites for Indigenous peoples and early western pioneers, vital wildlife habitat, and incredible opportunities for recreation and reflection in absolute solitude.

Bud Love Fence Removal Project 

WWA has teamed up with Wyoming Game and Fish and HF Bar Ranch to help safely remove 14 miles of a downed fence on the Bud Love Wildlife Habitat Management Unit, located next to Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness. WWA is currently putting together dates for May and June 2021.  For those that want an intro on how to remove fences, WWA can provide you with a short intro video with basic instructions before you hit the trail with us! 

Palisades Project Film Pledge

Be the solution. Make the pledge. I pledge to be a part of the solution for the Greater Palisades Area and wild landscapes like it around the globe. I understand that that there is value in our natural world far greater than my recreational preferences, and commit to finding creative solutions that protect the last remaining wilderness, while securing sustainable access elsewhere.

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