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Who We Are

WWA is a non-profit conservation group that began in 1979 as a group of local wilderness advocates who envisioned the passage of the Wyoming Wilderness Act.  This small volunteer, grassroots group began educating, training, and organizing Wyoming citizens to secure the passage of the 1984 Wyoming Wilderness Act. The Act permanently protected 1.1 million acres of ecologically diverse, wild landscapes. WWA was re-started and incorporated with the State of Wyoming in 1994 to serve as a local voice for the protection of Wilderness and roadless areas.  As of 2022, WWA has 5,500 members and supporters. Their voice gives us the inspiration to continue to strive for a wild Wyoming!


What We Do - Our Mission

The mission of the Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA) is to protect Wyoming public wildlands through advocacy, education, and stewardship. 

The Wyoming wilderness system encompasses roughly 3% of the state, while still 5 million acres of spectacular wild land, spanning deserts, forests, and plains, remains unprotected. Our top priority is to defend wild, roadless lands and safeguard their potential for future wilderness designation. Our goal is to inspire the public to appreciate wilderness and roadless areas and engage in public land decisions.

How We Do It - Our Values

Our three pillars of advocacy, education, and stewardship ensure these public lands remain pristine and intact for every American citizen to enjoy now and into the future. WWA hosts outings to vulnerable public wildlands where participants have the opportunity to learn  the value of wilderness.  We also advocate for wilderness through local festivals, film screenings, newsletters, action alerts, social media, formal presentations, and meetings with elected officials and stakeholders. Our work is made possible through the generous support of our valued members, volunteers, and donors.​

History Timeline

Growth of a Grassroots Org

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With the vision and enthusiasm of Bart Koehler and Howie Wolke, the Wyoming Wilderness Association was established to aid in passage of the Wyoming Wilderness Act, which had been years in the making and inspired by others considered heroic figures, including people today enshrined in the Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame.



Original Logo


Current Logo

1979-2019 information is from Todd Wilkinson of Mountain Journal with his express approval, and all copyright remains with the author.

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