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October 3rd – 5th
Snow King Resort & Conference Center
Jackson, Wyoming

Sharing and amplifying Indigenous knowledge, wisdom, and voices in federal land management of the southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

01. WHAT

A 2-day event for representatives (see below) with a deep connection to the southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The Gathering will include regional agency updates and discuss topics such as equitable co-stewardship & co-management, best practices for robust collaboration, and how NGOs can appropriately support Tribal interests. With multiple regional land and resource planning processes currently underway or soon to initiate, the Gathering will provide Tribes and Indigenous-led interest groups an opportunity to share their vision for the landscape’s future directly with agency decision-makers.

The Gathering will also include opportunities to foster connections with the broader Jackson Hole community at a Lighted Teepees ceremony and REMATRIATE dance performance by Patti Baldes in the evenings.

02. WHO

  • Tribal Nations and interest groups with ancestral and migratory connections

  • USFS (Bridger-Teton & Caribou-Targhee National Forests)

  • NPS (Grand Teton National Park)

  • US Fish and Wildlife (National Elk Refuge)

  • BLM (Wyoming Field Offices and representatives)

  • Community leaders & representatives

  • NGOs

03. WHY

This a pivotal opportunity to shape the future management of the heart of the Rockies by elevating the traditional stewards of its lands and waterways – Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities – in upcoming or current land and resource plan revisions. Doing so, will result in more sustainable and equitable management that extends beyond agency boundaries, greater empathy between cultural communities and our environments, and ultimately, a resilient and intact ecosystem functioning for future generations.


The Gathering will create informed baselines through information exchange and establish communication channels to support Tribal engagement within the upcoming regional planning processes. Participants will also understand how federal agencies and nonprofits can appropriately support Tribal Nations and help build capacity that is critical to long-term, comprehensive and equitable co-management of the southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.



5:00 pm

Registration Opens & Social Hour

6:00 pm

Welcome Dinner & Guest Speaker Presentation (provided on-site)


7:30 am

Registration & Breakfast (provided on-site)

8:30 am

Opening & Introductions

9:00 am

Connected to the Land – Tribal panelists discuss ancient heritage and
contemporary connections with the southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

10:30 am


10:50 am

Conversation Provocation – Dr. Doyle (facilitator) shares an image to the group, along with the simple question meant to highlight the different perspectives and
worldviews we all bring to our circles

12:00 pm

Lunch Break (provided on-site)

1:00 pm

Keynote Speakers – Presentations from Tribal representatives and non-agency
experts discussing equitable co-stewardship/co-management and insights regarding the Joint Secretarial Order 3403 and the Tribal Forest Protection Act

2:30 pm


2:45 pm

Regional Land & Resource Planning Processes – Panel discussion with regional agency managers regarding opportunities for Tribal engagement and co-stewardship within current or upcoming planning processes

4:00 pm

Closing Thoughts – A reflection of the day led by Dr. Doyle (facilitator) & concluding with a conversation provocation question for participants to consider overnight

7:00 pm

Lighted Teepees Ceremony and REMATRIATE Performance – Public event and performance within walking distance of the Snow King Resort & Conference Center (dinner on own)


8:00 am

Registration & Breakfast (provided on-site)

9:00 am

Welcome & Reflection

9:30 am

Federal Agency Tribal Engagement – Presentations by the USFS, NPS, & USFW national and regional staff regarding current Tribal programming and collaborations

11:00 am


11:15 am

Priority Topics & Issues within the Southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem – A panel discussion with Tribal representatives to identify and discuss priorities/issues of interest within the region

12:00 pm

Lunch Break (provided on-site)

1:00 pm

Tribal Perspectives on Agency Actions, Communications, & Engagements – Series of brief presentations followed by a panel Q&A section with the audience

2:30 pm


2:45 pm

Working Together: The Complex Relationship Between Tribes, Federal
Agencies, & NGOs – Series of brief presentations sharing examples of success and lessons learned, followed by a panel Q&A section with the audience

3:45 pm


4:00 pm

Connected to the Land – A facilitated charette asking what the future of the
southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem looks like

5:00 pm

Closing Ceremony, Thoughts, & Reflections

6:00 pm

Closing Dinner (provided on-site)


To ensure diverse representation of participants and with respect to sensitive conversations, participation in the daytime sessions is limited. If you are interested in learning more or in volunteering at this event, please email

Tribal Representatives

Travel, food, and lodging at Snow King Resort will be covered for one Tribal representative with additional possible funding opportunities in August. All participants are welcome with meals provided. * UPDATE * – Thank you to those who registered. There are no more rooms available. We welcome all to attend however, travel and

lodging support are no longer available. 

For additional information, please contact Dr. Shane Doyle:


Tribe Registration QR Code.png

Agency, NGO, & Community Representatives

With the exception of one night, all meals will be provided for participants during the Gathering to encourage dialogue and connection through the simple act of eating together. A room block is available with a special rate at Snow King Resort through August 31st.


Register below & use the booking link provided

in the registration form.

For additional information, please contact Carlie Ideker:


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