Becoming a member is easy! A single $40 donation will provide you with a one-year membership to the Wyoming Wilderness Association. As a member, you will become part of an active community devoted to protecting Wyoming's precious wildlands for generations to come. Funds raised are used in our daily work to educate, raise awareness, monitor use of our public lands, and support our youth and outings programs. 



  • Know that you are helping to protect and preserve your favorite Wyoming spaces
  • Receive early notice on our popular summer outings
  • Receive special invitations to local events and volunteer opportunities
  • Stay up-to-date with wilderness issues through our newsletters and action alerts
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WWA memberships start at just $40/year for an individual membership. Household memberships are $75/year. Student memberships are $25/year with proof of enrollment.

Volunteer Opportunities

WWA welcomes volunteers across the state. If you’re interested in leading summer outings or workshops, want to get involved in our advocacy efforts, or help with a local event, please reach out to us!

We’d love to have you! 

For Sheridan Volunteer Opportunities Please contact: // 307-672-2751

For Jackson volunteer opportunities please contact: // 631-871-3707

For Lander volunteer opportunities please contact: // 203-464-3689

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A gift of any amount supports our programs in advocating for intact wild landscapes, educating the public – young & old alike, and leading stewardship projects with volunteers and agencies to preserve Wyoming public wildlands! Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do it without you! Your gift is tax deductible under law. WWA is a 501c3 charitable organization. Our Tax ID # is: 38-3667856

Take Action


Run or volunteer at

Run the red

Whether you register to run or volunteer for Run the Red, you are signing up for more than just a race. You are showing land managers, decision makers, and the people of Wyoming that this is a landscape worth protecting, for future generations to experience and be inspired by. 

Run the Red is Wyoming’s premier trail running event dedicated to celebrating and conserving the Red Desert — a rugged, vast and storied landscape.

Bud Love Fence Removal Project: 

WWA has teamed up with Wyoming Game and Fish and HF Bar Ranch to help safely remove 14 miles of a downed fence on the Bud Love Wildlife Habitat Management Unit, located next to Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness. WWA is currently putting together dates for May and June 2021.  For those that want an intro on how to remove fences, WWA can provide you with a short intro video with basic instructions before you hit the trail with us!

Palisades Film Pledge

Be the solution. Make the pledge. I pledge to be a part of the solution for the Greater Palisades Area and wild landscapes like it around the globe. I understand that that there is value in our natural world far greater than my recreational preferences, and commit to finding creative solutions that protect the last remaining wilderness, while securing sustainable access elsewhere.

Wyoming Wilderness Association would like to recognize that public wildlands are Native lands, and that more than twenty indigeneous tribes are connected to Wyoming including, the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Lakota, Dakota and Nakota bands), Hinono’ei (Arapaho), Sáhniš (Arikara), Panati (Bannock), Niitsitapi (Blackfeet), Tsistsistas (Cheyenne), Apsaalooké (Crow), A'aninin (Gros Ventre), [Gáuigú (Kiowa), Nimi'ipuu (Nez Perce), Tukudeka (Sheep Eater), Newe (Shoshone) and Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute). These tribes were forcibly and often violently removed from the areas where Wyoming’s public wildlands and communities now exist. 

WWA would lastly like to admit that this land acknowledgement, as well as our commitment to engaging Native peoples in our work is far from perfect. We welcome and encourage all feedback and suggestions.