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Khale Century Reno

Executive Director



"With deep roots in the Wyoming landscape (family settled in Big Horn, Wyoming in 1883) and a first name that doesn’t fit neatly on most bubble forms, Khale Century (KC) Reno has been Executive Director for just under a year. The title KC has held the longest has been educator. She has been in the education world for about 20 years teaching students from young to old in various disciplines: environmental science, outdoor education, health, and physical education.  After completing the graduate program with the Teton Science Schools, she received her M.Ed. from Montana State University. Some other work and education adventures include:  sports medicine/health education degree from Linfield College in McMinnville, OR, semester study in Queensland, Australia, basketball pro-player in Switzerland and Denmark, a college basketball coach in Seattle, WA, and teaching PE and health at the Journeys School in Jackson, Wyoming. Outside of work adventures include: raising two boys (Boone and Ace) with husband Renzy, working on her family’s cattle/sheep ranch, backpacking, teaching piano, watching polo and still playing basketball.   


All of these experiences have taken her through the ups and downs of working with people, creating community, and navigating topics that have sides sitting on opposite sides of the table. KC loves to create conversation amongst those that would at first seem to be at odds and help them connect over shared stories. "At the end, one finds that we have more commonalities than not and the challenge lies with how we move forward." KC

Heidi Davidson is a Wyoming native having lived, worked, and recreated across the great state she calls home. While pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana, Heidi spent summers working for the Forest Service as recreation staff and conducted graduate research in wilderness. Prior to working for WWA in March 2016 to coordinate WWA's Youth Ambassadors for Wilderness, Heidi enjoyed managing an indoor climbing facility for kids of all ages. With WWA, her passion is to get kids outdoors, senior citizens out on the trail, and lead stewardship projects on the forest. Currently, with the Hole-in-the-Wall Grotto, Heidi is leading a multi-year effort to clean up Tongue River Canyon's cave with volunteers and partnerships under a permit with the Bighorn National Forest. In her free time, she spends time in the mountains and on the water with her son, Rhys, and helping farm on her family’s five generation ranch in Northeast Wyoming.

Heidi Davidson

Marketing & Outreach Director



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Growing up on a small farm in Wyoming, Shaleas has an intimate connection to natural resources. During her time as an undergraduate she studied molecular biology and chemistry. She completed her Masters in Natural Science and Environmental and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming. Her graduate research project revealed how a program worked to overcome the complex socioeconomic, cultural, and political aspects that challenge natural resource management.  Since then, Shaleas has taught high school physics and biology in Wyoming and is now eagerly applying her knowledge of complex public land issues for the Wyoming Wilderness Association. Shaleas enjoys all things wild, including rock climbing and fighting against the systems of power that threaten Wyoming's remaining wild country. 


Shaleas Harrison

 Wildlands Community Organizer




Peggie dePasquale

Bridger-Teton Community Organizer



Peggie grew up in the mountains of rural western Maine where she developed a deep respect for the natural world. However, it was not until she moved west after her undergraduate work that she realized the true importance of our Public Lands and began to feel a responsibility to protect them. Peggie has lived in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for over five years now. Her first role in the area was as an AmeriCorp intern at the Teton Science Schools where she soon became a full-time field science educator, and then completed the graduate program there.  Peggie obtained her M.S in Natural Science Education and Environmental and Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming in 2018.  Since then, she has become enthralled with her work protecting the public wildlands of the Bridger-Teton National Forest.


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