State, National Legislation Continues to Threaten Public Wild Lands

Wyoming's Red Desert | Photo courtesy EcoFlight

Threats to public lands that belong to all Americans continue to arise on multiple fronts.

In the U.S. Congress, bills regularly crop up that propose a range of alarming changes to management of our public lands, most commonly transfer of federal public lands to state control, which the Wyoming Wilderness Association believes could lead to disastrous consequences.

In the Wyoming legislature earlier this year, two bills were proposed that alarmed advocates for wild public lands. One bill sought to open up closed trails and roads, and another bill sought to transfer federal public lands to state control and sell them off to the highest bidder. Thankfully both bills failed introduction due to large outcry from our conservation partners and members!

However, a new legislative session is upon us. With the downturn in the energy industry and thus Wyoming’s economy, it will become increasingly tempting for our legislators to turn to public lands as a way to fill the coffers. We feel this is a short-term solution that will have devastating long-term implications.

After all, Wyoming’s residents and visitors cherish the state in great part for its natural splendor. Can you imagine your Wyoming without access to that favorite hunting spot, fishing hole, backpacking trail, or scenic landscape that restores peace in your life?

The Wyoming Wilderness Association is monitoring these threats closely and working hard to ensure Wyoming’s public lands stay in public hands — for locals and visitors, alike. We have also teamed up with more than 30 other conservation organizations in the state to build a unified front and make it very clear that people around the state and nation don’t want to see our wild lands become a bargaining chip for limited economic gain.

What You Can Do to Keep Public Lands in Your Hands

The voice of the people still holds sway in Wyoming — we just need to speak up! Here are a few things YOU can do to protect our wild lands:

  • Attend the Rally for Public Lands on Saturday, November 5 in Casper with hundreds of wild lands supporters and over 20 conservation organizations!

  • Contact state senators and representatives and voice your opposition to any public land transfer bills.

  • Get out the vote! Refuse to vote for officials who are willing to transfer lands. Make sure you tell them why they are not getting your vote.

  • Make some noise on Social Media! Share photos of your favorite public lands with hashtags like #wildwyo, #keepwyomingwild, and #307wild to show support for WWA and efforts to keep public lands in public hands.

  • Support WWA! We can’t work to protect Wyoming’s public wild lands without your help. Please consider a monthly or one-time donation today!

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