"Wilderness revives the memory of unity. Through its protection we can find faith in our humanity.”
  -Terry Tempest Williams

Shoshone National Forest

DuNoir Special Management Unit | Robert Hitchcock

About the Shoshone National Forest


The Shoshone National Forest in Northwest Wyoming contains nearly 2.5 million acres of some of the most raw and rugged country in the Lower 48 and is our nation’s first and oldest national forest. With unconfined outdoor adventure and breathtaking landscapes, the Shoshone contains the natural and cultural history of our past and the critical wildlife habitat that makes the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem today, remaining a cornerstone of all that we value in the Rocky Mountain wilds.
In addition to the Shoshone’s famous designated wilderness areas, the forest boasts 750,000 acres of inventoried roadless areas and 34 potential wilderness areas that remain vulnerable to development.


For the last decade WWA has worked tirelessly to protect the Shoshone’s roadless wild lands through the Shoshone’s Forest Plan revision process. The 2015 Forest Plan will guide management of the forest for the next 10-20 years.

Travel Planning on the
Shoshone National Forest
(Delayed indefinitely...Stay tuned, we are on it)

The 2014 Final Forest Plan dictates what can happen on the Shoshone but Travel Management Planning determines what will happen on these public lands.


The Travel Management Plan relies on a public comment process to identify new ATV trails and motorized use options for many of the Shoshone’s spectacular front-country roadless areas.

Please visit our Travel Management Plan page for details. 

One of several unauthorized routes on the Shoshone. System road is not signed open or numbered, no sign of closure on unauthorized routes. WWA photo.

Keep the Shoshone Wild! 

To learn how you can stay involved in keeping the Shoshone wild, contact our main office in Sheridan, Wyoming.


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Shoshone Wild


This HD film produced by Evergreen Productions for the Wyoming Wilderness Association focuses on saving four of the last, best wild areas and the native wildlife near Yellowstone National Park in Northwest Wyoming.

Background: Our Work on the Shoshone


In January 2014, the FS released a Record of Decision on its 9-year Forest Plan Revision process (see Action Alert and Casper Star-Tribune article).

WWA and other conservation groups persuaded the U.S. Forest Service to continue protecting the Shoshone. (Read WWA and citizen objections here.) The decision ensured that the Shoshone’s most prized backcountry roadless areas will be protected for future generations and future wilderness designation consideration. 


WWA has been involved in the Shoshone’s Forest Plan revision for the last nine years, working to protect priority wilderness areas. As the final plan now stands, it appears the fate of much of the Forest will be determined in the Travel Management Plan. Out of 750,000 acres of potential wilderness areas on the Shoshone, none were recommended for wilderness in the Final Plan. 


On the South Zone of the Shoshone almost 85 percent of lands that aren’t congressionally protected are now available for summer motorized. Many of these areas, like the 30,000-acre Wiggins Fork Roadless Area, are critical elk-calving, grizzly and lynx habitat and are locally championed as the best easily-accessed foot and horseback hunting and summer recreation areas on the Shoshone.

Shoshone priority wild lands and their current status:


  • Dunoir - protected in its current state through the 2015 Forest Plan

  • Wood River - Protected through the 2015 Forest Plan

  • Francs Peak - Protected through the 2015 Forest Plan

  • Wiggins Fork Roadless Area - Threatened with development through Travel Plan

  • Warm Springs Roadless Area - Threatened with motorized development through Travel Plan

Trout Creek | WWA photo

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