Run the Red Events & Things to DO

South Pass City and the surrounding area provides visitors and their families options for hiking adventures, historical explorations, and more.  Please check back later for scheduled Run the Red events that will occur the weekend of the race.  Until then, please explore the sites below for an array of activities for runners and their families.

Tentative itinerary

Friday, September 27th

4:30-6:00 pm — Pre-race check-in at South Pass City Historic Site

~6:00 pm —Free yoga offered by Ananda after pre-race meeting 

*Aid station volunteers can pick up aid station materials and instructions at South Pass City anytime on Friday.


Saturday, September 28th

5:00 am — Start of 120K

8:00 am — Start of the 45K 

9:00 am — Start of the Half-Marathon

9:00-12:00 pm —Stewardship opportunity with Wyoming State Parks-bring your own shovel &/or hoe, plus gloves

9:15 am-1:00 pm — Jeep Tour of the Northern Red Desert with Friends of South Pass-follow in your high clearance vehicle 

12:00 pm — Nature hike with John Mioncynski from South Pass to English Tunnel

1:00 pm — Guided Tour of the Flood and Hindle Trails 

2:30 pm — Guided Tour of the Carissa Mill

2:30 pm— Slow Flow Yoga offered by Ananda

3:30 pm—Honoring the tribes by Northern Arapaho & Eastern Shoshone speakers: Martin Blackburn and Jason Baldes

4:30 pm— Drum ceremony by Big Wind Fingers from Crowheart, WY

5:00 pm — Guest speakers: Clare Gallagher and John Mioncynski

5:45 pm — John Mioncynski on piano 

6:00-8:30 pm — Low Water String Band

12:00 am —Racecourses close

*Food service all day, and beer served from 3:00pm-8pm.

Sunday, September 29th

8:30 am — Honor ceremony for ultra racers

9:00 am — Course sweep and South Pass clean-up, all hands on deck!

Patagonia Ambassador Clare Gallagher

to speak at Run the Red in SOuth Pass City Saturday evening

Coined on a dive boat in the Andaman Sea in 2014, the term "earthraging" guides how Clare lives her life.

She loves to rage with Mother Earth while simultaneously protecting her. During every ultra Clare races, she’s

earthraging. Competitiveness and speed flow thick in her blood, but so does her desire to protect this miraculous

little planet we call home.



Career Highlights:

  • First-place finish in the 2016 Leadville 100, Leadville, CO; 2nd fastest time ever

  • First-place finish in the 2017 Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (CCC) Ultramarathon (UTMB series); course record

  • First-place finish in the inaugural 2014 Thailand Ultramarathon (80K), Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand

  • Second-place finish in the 2017 The North Face 50-Mile Endurance Challenge Championships, Golden Gate

       National Recreation Area, CA

  • Second-place finish in the 2017 Black Canyon 100K, Mayer, AZ

  • Named Fourth Female 2017 Ultrarunner of the Year by UltraRunning Magazine

  • First-place finish in the 2016 and 2017 Audi Power of Four 25K, Aspen, CO; course record

  • Ran NCAA DI cross-country and track at Princeton University for four years

  • Founder of Earthraging with English: a youth environmental and swim program based in Bangsak, Thailand


Low water string band

South Pass City Saturday evening


Pre & Post Yoga Sessions Provided by ANANDA



Pre-race Runner’s Yoga and Meditation ~6-00 pm at South Pass City

Get your mind, body, and breath primed and ready for the race. We will target the shoulders, hips, legs and feet with some light, dynamic stretching. We will open up the lungs and nostrils with focused breath work. Then we will end with a brief visualization meditation to practice matching our pace with our breath before we even step up to the starting line. 


Post-race Runner’s Yoga Class - Sunday, September 29th, ~3pm at South Pass City

Recover from Run the Red with a gentle flow that will target the typical aches and pains inevitable after such an intense (and awesome) race. This class will alleviate tension in the feet, open up the legs and hips, restore balance to the spine, and release gripping through the chest, shoulders, and neck. Get ready to loosen up and leave feeling refreshed and ready for a new week of training.


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