“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

         -William Shakespeare

Bighorn National Forest

Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness


Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness was part of the original proposed Cloud Peak Wilderness Area in the Bighorn National Forest (BNF) but was removed from congressional recommendation for the Wyoming Wilderness Act of 1984 due to a lease on the land for oil and gas and the potential for water storage.


While the lease is no longer current and Rock Creek contains no roads or motorized usage, this pristine area has yet to be given wilderness designation by Congress.


More than 1,500 area citizens and four generations of guests at the HF Bar Ranch have advocated strongly for the protection of Rock Creek, the most prominent being Jack Horton of the HF Bar Ranch (once called Horton's Ranch).


WWA has also received a great deal of community support for our work with more than 400 local businesses (160 in Johnson County alone) endorsing designation of the Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness Area.


WWA will continue to advocate for Rock Creek through summer outings, tabling, educational programs and a variety of events. Please consider voicing your support for Rock Creek by contacting your U.S. Congressional delegation or writing a letter to the editor.


It is our hope that Rock Creek may become the first NEW wilderness area in Wyoming since the passage of the Wyoming Wilderness Act of 1984.

Help Keep the Bighorns Beautiful

Want to get involved in the protection of Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness and the Bighorn National Forest?


  • Contact Wyoming's members of U.S. Congress to express your wish for Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness to attain full wilderness designation. The more they hear from people like you, the clearer the message will be. Urge legislation to be proposed to add Rock Creek to the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area and tell them why this wild area is important to you! 

  • Go here to find contact information for Senators John Barrasso and Mike Enzi and Representative Liz Cheney.

  • Join us on a summer outing in the Bighorns. Go here for more information.

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper urging congressional delegation of Rock Creek.

  • Submit public comments when opportunities arise to the Bighorn National Forest.

  • Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed and for updates on how you can help.


For more information, contact our Sheridan office:

(307) 672-2751

44 S Main St #4222

Sheridan, WY


Bighorn National Forest

While staying course and working for the congressional designation of Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness, WWA has decided to expand its view on this region that has become a recreational playground for a wide variety of motorized vehicles.


We understand the need for balance in recreational pursuits, but we are concerned about the deterioration of pristine areas in this forest and are actively advocating for the protection of roadless areas through summer outings and interaction with forest officials. 


For example, in the fall of 2015, WWA submitted comments on a proposed Lodge ATV Connector Trail Project in the forest. The project proposed building approximately 2.7 miles of new motorized trail within a protected roadless area south of Elk View Inn and east of U.S. Highway 14. We respectfully requested that the trail be re-routed to avoid the roadless area while still providing for safe transport of ATVs between the three lodges in the area. 


See a copy of our comments here.


WWA hopes that citizens will continue to join us in our efforts to protect our beautiful 1.1 million acres of forest that feature 189,000 acres of designated wilderness in the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area as well as a myriad of opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature.

Experience Rock Creek

Five years ago, videographer Melinda Binks and journalist Rebecca Huntington traveled into the Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness Area on horseback with outfitter Bob Granstrom and WWA organizers to document the wildlife, changing fall colors and efforts to designate the area as wilderness.

 Cloud Peak Wilderness | Hannah Sheely

Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness Area | Lily Bliss

 Cloud Peak Wilderness | Jenny Aiello

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