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Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness
Rock Creek, part of the original proposed wilderness area in the Big Horn National Forest, was removed from congressional recommendation for the Wyoming Wilderness Act of 1984 due to a lease on the land for oil, gas and the potential for water storage. (This lease is no longer current, and Rock Creek contains no roads or motorized usage.) It is this Act that now forever protects Cloud Peak Wilderness, also in the BHNF, which gained 40,000 extra acres of secured land to compensate for the removal of Rock Creek wilderness. If designated Wilderness, Rock Creek could be the first NEW wilderness area in Wyoming since the passage of the Wyoming Wilderness Act of 1984.



Many local citizens have advocated strongly for the passage of Rock Creek as Wilderness, the most prominent being Jack Horton of the HF Bar Ranch (then called Horton's Ranch). As of 2012, over 1,500 citizens from NE Wyoming along with four generations of guests from the HF Bar Ranch have advocated for Rock Creek.

WWA has recieved a great deal of community support as over 400 local businesses (160 in Johnson County alone) have endorsed the Rock Creek proposed wilderness area.



The Wyoming Wilderness Association has taken the lead on organizing tours and tabling, educational programs and presentations, events, concerts, and film festivals to inform the public about Rock Creek. Many Letters to the Editors and media stories ahve been generated about the intrinsic wilderness values of the area.

In mid-September 2010 videographer Melinda Binks and journalist Rebecca Huntington from Jackson traveled into Rock Creek on horseback with outfitter Bob Granstrom and WWA organixers to document the changing fall colors, wildlife, and the the efforts to designate the area as wilderness.

Later on in September 2010, WWA organized a group to travel to D.C. to meet directly with the Wyoming delegation - Senetors Enzi and Barrasso and Representative Lummis - to urge the introduction of a bill. Again, we were turned away, citing the small but vocal opposition that must be addressed.

WWA continues to garner grassroots support from locals and support from the elected politicians in NE Wyoming, but we cannot do it alone! Please consider voicing your support for Rock Creek Recommended Wilderness:


NOW is the time to urge our members of Congress to introduce legislation for the Rock Creek addition to the Cloud Peak Wilderness!

Your help is needed to preserve Rock Creek proposed wilderness, which the Bighorn National Forest  recommended in its 2005 forest plan. Rock Creek can only become Wilderness through Congressional designation.

Wyoming’s delegation must be persuaded to act by hearing from a broad constituency of Wyoming and beyond!

Send a letter to Wyoming's delegation today!

Click Here for the contact list for our elected officials.

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